Barton Lift and Recline Chair (Leather)

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Barton chair is Avante’s most recent design to assist with mobility necessities. With the touch of button, you can find perfect lounging position while the chair fully support your body, and aligning your spine. With dual motors, the Barton chair provides the ability to recline, sit and stand. The removable chair arms make it easier for transferring from and to the chair, the push bar and castors allowing flexible movement. the Barton chair is the excellent choice for those with limited mobility. Barton chair also include with Luxury leather finish and the 3 motor vibration massage units that features timer and different massage intensities.


• Dual Motor Lift & Recline Chair
• 3 Strong Vibration Massage Motors
• Multi-Function Wired Controllers
• Castor and push bar easy for movement
• Removable Chair Arms
• Battery Backup
• 180 KG weight rated