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We stock Mattresses in the following Standard Sizes.

·        Single :                    92cm x 190cm

·        King Single :           106cm x 203cm

·        Double :                   139cm x 190cm

·        Queen :                    153cm x 203cm

·        King :                       184cm x 203cm


Custom Size Mattresses

We can have manufactured any size mattress suitable for the following applications.

.          Camper trailers and caravans.

.          Hostels and Bording houses.

.          School colleges.

.          Motels.

.          Fire retardent models available.


 Buying Tips

·        By having a pillow top mattress you have greater comfort to rest your aching bones.

·        Pocket springs contour to your spine and prevent partner disturbance.

·        Lumbar zoning in the centre third of the mattress supports your hips and shoulders keeping your spine straight.

·        Latex is  a natural material  which is conforming and supportive.


Comfort Level: 1=Firm - 5=Soft

·        1 – Firm : a very firm mattress with little or no surface give.

·        2 – Medium/Firm : a firm mattress with some surface give.

·        3 – Medium: a medium mattress with average comfort.

·        4 – Medium/Soft : a medium to soft mattress with noticeable surface give.

·        5 – Soft : a softer mattress with significant surface give.



Q. How will I know when I need to buy a new mattress?

A. Waking up in pain is usually the first sign that you need a new mattress. If your mattress has dips , grooves or broken springs your body will not be getting the support and comfort it needs for a good nights sleep.

Q. What is the right mattress for me?

A. The mattress that feels the most supportive and comfortable is the right mattress for you .